Review: Sacri Monti – Self-Titled

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Sacri Monti

Sacri Monti

Tee Pee Records
Street: 07.24
Sacri Monti = Deep Purple + Thin Lizzy + Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

Coming out of California, Sacri Monti are a ’70s-influenced psych rock band who sound like something that most dads would probably consider to be pretty badass. For me, however, this group has an exhaustingly excessive playing style that’s saturated with flourishing guitar licks and many, many solos. Averaging at about seven minutes per track, Sacri Monti take the listener on for the long haul. To be fair, this album is extremely colorful in its parts: heavy organs, panning guitar tones, driving bass lines and physically demanding drum fills. Yet, I just didn’t find myself enjoying listening to them jam for this long. The first track, “Staggered In Lines,” does a good job at bringing me in, but the entirety of the album has an almost metal level of showmanship that I find a little tiring, even though they’re super talented. Maybe I’m just not that into wah pedals. –Nic Smith