False Prism
Street: 05.07
Sadigiqacea = Cough + Neurosis + Kylesa + Hull
The sludgy sounds of False Prism conjure up images of grimy industrial waste, smog, litter and the general oily feeling of some of the industrialized cities on the East Coast. With that in mind, it makes this slugdefest from Philly duo Sadgiqacea all that much more sludged-up. It also helps just a bit to take some cues from Enemy of the Sun-era Neurosis, but the influence plays out more subtly than overt band worship. The 40-some-odd minutes of False Prism zoom past because listeners are kept interested and enthralled, allowing Sadgiqacea to traverse past the more atmospheric realms of sludge and into gut-check riff territory. This promising debut satisfies the pickiest of sludgers, with tinges of crust, bits of post-hardcore and even a bit of stoner psych trapped in this black, oily and tarnished False Prism.