Fourth Dementia
Um Yeah Arts
Street: 06.04
Sandy’s = Of Montreal + Beachmen + Fleet Foxes
Every song is like an island in a geographically-close chain, and each is closely related in overall vegetation, but every one has both subtle and clever differences. Schematically, this album is an intricately beach-infused psychedelic wonderland—for the heaviest dose, see “Lonely Hunter.” Folk and indie rock is also an integral part of the album’s feel as well. All lyrics are either existential or odd, but, in either case, always interesting and unique. “Yuba Diamond” sounds as if it could have been a missing track on The Beatles’ Revolver. ‘80s synth-rock influences can be picked up in a few songs such as “Sisters.” Hyper-layered and harmonized vocals and intense wah effects are reminiscent of CorriganAlice in Wonderland. It is obvious that all musicians involved in this work are extremely talented. Even two seconds of a single song can tell an entire lifetime of stories. –LeAundra Jeffs