The Flenser
Street: 03.03
Sannhet = Deafheaven + Explosions in the Sky 

Sannhet deserve at least a modicum of success with their new album, and I’m afraid they won’t find it because people are going to assume they’re just trying to ride the wave of possibility left over from the success of Deafheaven’s breakthrough album Sunbather. Such a comparison isn’t completely inaccurate, but it is a little unfair. Sannhet has the requisite post-rock/metal sound to warrant the comparison for sure, but that only pecks at the surface of this album. Sannhet has crafted an amazing, instrumental sound based in metal, but I think they have more in common with post-rock greats like This Will Destroy You than they do with any kind of metal act. This music on this record carries far more emotional weight than your typical blast beat onslaught, and I think any fan of post-rock can find something here to chew on. –Alex Gilvarry