Album cover for Distractions by Sauna Youth.

Review: Sauna Youth – Distractions

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Sauna Youth


Upset the Rhythm

Street: 06.08

Sauna Youth = The Epoxies + Cheena

Sauna Youth’s second album, Distractions, is the much-needed, bursting electrical current to get my blood pumping again. It offers the best aspects of the short-and-sweet punch of ’70s-styled punk and the overwhelming heaviness of post-punky brilliance.

In its entirety, Distractions does not underwhelm, but there are specific tracks that have a certain infectious quality of youthful angst about them. If one were to pick and choose a couple favorites, I’d go with “Transmitters,” “Abstract Notions” and “Monotony.”

These three are high-energy numbers with a borderline in-your-face, anarchic touch. “Try To Leave” carries on with that addictive quality but with power-pop sensibilities. To add to its arsenal of superb material, Distractions also has beautiful imagery that can be heard in the spoken-word track “(Taking A) Walk.” Don’t miss out on this album—it’s simply remarkable. –Nick Kuzmack