Savages & Bo Ningen 
Words To The Blind 
Stolen / Pop Noire
Street: 11.20.14
Savages & Bo Ningen = Savages + Perfect Pussy + Tomorrow, in a Year–era The Knife 

If not necessarily the most compelling, Words To The Blind is certainly the most interesting album I’ve ever listened to. Documenting the live performance of collaborating band Savages & Bo Ningen, this 37-minute song is a non-essential curiosity for fans of either band. Opening with both vocalists whispering in languages I do not speak, while slowly bringing in guitars, these bands manage to evoke a sense of mystery and, for me, anxiety that I think would have made this performance something worth seeing. You can find elements of both bands surfacing in the dissonant noise, but nothing seems clearly the work of one or the other—maybe excepting a few minutes with Savages singing in English. This could be a really cool—or maybe terrifying—listen on drugs, but I don’t think anyone is going to make this record a regular part of their music library. –Alex Gilvarry