Seafang – Motorcycle Song

Review: Seafang – Motorcycle Song

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Motorcycle Song

Elephant Stone Records
Street: 07.29
Seafang = Baby Shakes + Dum Dum Girls

Seafang’s Motorcycle Song is an interjection of sounds that projects through the dull silence but manages to keep the energy of the room comfortably warm. Seafang hail from St. Petersburg, Florida. Their take on pop-rock tries to maintain an individual image while seeking something provocative, but otherwise risks resting at ease toward the back of the mind. For this kind of style, one could also think of the band Crocodiles or of Dum Dum Girls. There is an obvious influence from shoegaze here, and Seafang take that ball, run with it and seek to remold it into something easier to swallow. In all, they do a wonderful job of giving the listener a noise that inspires only good feelings thanks to its fuzzed-out vibrations.

To be sure, this is stuff to dance to, as heard via the title track. It is easily the banger on the EP through its pronounced beats and harmonious vocals that require the listener to pay attention. However, the track quickly morphs into a sound that gradually leads the mind on a kind of trip while still allowing one’s thoughts to slightly wander. “Summertime” is a slow, indie-pop tune that invokes nostalgia for the mellowness of the ’90s. It’s a song that one can drift away to. Like its title, it’s a song that feels innocent in its subtly overwhelming nature. On a side note, if you only get the vinyl version of this release, you’ll miss out on “Be The One.” It’s a jangly pop tune wrapped in longing romanticism and good vibes. Turn it on, and even while sober, the listener can move around with the feeling of floating on air. You can do this with the assistance of certain illicit substances, and honestly, that might even make these tracks a listen that stands out.

Seafang certainly follow in line with the popularity of jangly indie pop that borders on something slightly psychedelic. God knows we need songs that take us to a happy or somewhat voided space, and you’ll get that with Seafang’s Motorcycle Song. And remember, when plugging this in, to please consider the volume knob as a tool to extenuate this listening experience. It really does help to be a little overwhelmed to appreciate this EP in its entirety. This is particularly true if your consideration for Seafang was influenced by one of the above-mentioned groups.

Overall, Motorcycle Song is technically on point and quite delightful. Again, this is providing that the volume of the turntable or stereo is adequately high. That kind of experience can offer something that is close to mesmerizing. If played at a safe level, so as to not upset the neighbors or your roommates, these are tunes that rest comfortably on the side of an undisturbed mind. That, frankly, would be boring, as the benefit of this music is the ability to be lifted elsewhere by its vibrant nature. Unfortunately, there is a downside here: Even with the perks of a near-deafening listen, this EP doesn’t quite leave a memorable impression. It can be turned on, acknowledged, thoroughly enjoyed and switched over for the next track in a hopefully long queue of singles. —Nick Kuzmack