self defense family heaven is earth album cover

Review: Self Defense Family – Heaven is Earth

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self defense family heaven is earth album coverSelf Defense Family
Heaven is Earth

Deathwish Inc
Street: 06.30
Self Defense Family = Tigers Jaw + Lungfish

Self Defense Family’s second full-length release, Heaven is Earth, is a massive collaboration created over the span of four studios and four producers, each mastering two tracks off the album. The album is a downtempo, post-punk menagerie of droning drums and screaming vocals. I dug the album. “Ditko” and “Everybody Wants A Prize For Feeling” were two standout tracks on the album. They were the most dynamic, musically. I wasn’t as impressed with this latest release as I have been with other releases in the past, though. If you can get through the first few tracks, it gets easier, but Heaven is Earth isn’t anything you need to rush out and grab for your collection. –Kamryn Feigel