Senses Fail
Staple Records
Street: 03.26
Senses Fail = Silverstein + From First to Last
Opening with the heaviest song in their career, notably without a single scrap of clean singing, Renacer is the album I’ve secretly been waiting for since the first time I heard Buddy Nielsen scream at the end of “One Eight Seven.” It took a couple listens to catch some of the lyrics, but it didn’t take too long to realize that, strangely, this is also the sappiest album they’ve ever written. Screaming more than ever, music smashing harder than ever, and every lyric pumped full of a distinctly peaceful optimism. Even when they’re not being overtly mushy like the lovestruck “Frost Flower,” they still can’t resist the optimism of furious self-fulfilled empowerment in tracks like “Canine” or “Courage of the Knife.” It’s strange, but I kinda like it. Considering the meaning of the title—Renacer meaning “reborn”—this dichotomous combination is the start to a new Senses Fail that is even better than before.