Sepulchral Curse 
A Birth In Death 
Chaos & Hell Productions 
Street: 12.15.14
Sepulchral Curse = Bolt Thrower + Unleashed + Grave

There’s an ongoing and ever-annoying conflict over what makes a metal or extreme piece of music good, be it the battle between musical proficiency (don’t get me started on the merits and accolades of Periphery) and actual intensity and feel of said piece of music. The fact that bands like Sepulchural Curse keep the door propped open to the underground always give my faculties nice piece of bloody gristle to chew on. A Birth in Death is a short yet complete-feeling EP, giving that sense of “Hell yes, I want more.” This nasty set of four songs has rotten, old school death metal written all over it. The D-beat style and almost grind- like ferocity of ithe album keeps it churning the gears of death. Don’t mistake any words I say: The guys aren’t lousy players—they just focus on the crushing riffing, and only bust out the guitar-solo machine when needed. –Bryer Wharton