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Review: The Sex Organs – Intergalactic Sex Tourists

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The Sex Organs
Intergalactic Sex Tourists

Voodoo Rhythm Records
Street: 01.24
The Sex Organs = The Jackets + The Anomalys

By reading this, one would hope that the reader has a keen taste for the primitive sounds found in the garage or in the absurdly kinky. Ideally, one would have both well in hand. The Sex Organs are Jack Torera of The Jackets and Bone of The Anomalys. Together they have ventured to the deepest reaches of outer space and have come back as fuzzy sex organs. Onstage, they morph into the incarnations of members of “…the planet cunt, the other part of band, from the planet prick.” Complete with vicious teeth and a huge eye, their purpose on Earth is clearly to destroy all that is sacred by desecrating listeners with the trash-driven sounds of their raucous rock n’ roll. Listening to Intergalactic Sex Tourists, the result will be just that. Any other reaction might reveal a lack of humor or even taste.

It’s not hard to appreciate the simplicity of rock n’ roll made to melt the brain or stimulate primal desires found best between sweat-stained sheets. With songs like “Tonight” and “Lubrication,” one may find the personal space between lovers or bar hook-ups nonexistent. To get it on with some refreshing new moves, listeners should consider the track “Camel Toe Twist.” It’s a dance to get your knickers wet and knees weak from shaking your butt.

To understand Intergalactic Sex Tourists, listeners are advised to show their humor and respect for all things sex in rock n’ roll. This performed live is no doubt as captivating as it is perverse and brilliant. Sex has always been the king and queen-maker in the sounds of rebellion. Everything from Elvis’ provocative, gyrating hips to Suzi Quatro’s tight-fitted leather jumpsuit should have prepared you for this moment in music history. The Sex Organs are the logical and radical progression of the deviant’s fascination with sex. The difference is that they present you with the raw artifacts that one needs to bump uglies. It’s pure and unadulterated, and it ultimately shows what one has to contend with when getting down.

This all said, The Sex Organs’ themes of sex, camel toes and foreplay are topics to be taken lightly. This is rock n’ roll’s simplistic and devastating nature, but it’s all fun. With amusing intros to each song that tell a story of The Sex Organs’ orgasmic visit to planet Earth, Intergalactic Sex Tourists should be considered a guide on how to loosen up and succumb to our more basic natures. With this album, all the desires found after basic foreplay are laid bare.

Despite their overt themes, The Sex Organs have not confused or destroyed the resemblances of Puritan morality. Given the way the last U.S. election went, those things were never really there to begin with, and I think we as a society can all agree that they no longer apply. It seems like we will be getting a pass for the next few years. So get down and get with it! Really though, Intergalactic Sex Tourists is as devastating as it gets. It’s brutally silly and great fun. So be sure to pick it up and play it obnoxiously loud so that every neighbor you have is subjected to good music. They will thank you in the end. –Nick Kuzmack