Street: 06.11
Shamir = (Whitney Houston x Billie Holiday) + Sylvester
With a falsetto that ignores gender identity and production help from GODMODE head Nick Sylvester, the Northtown EP is an assertive debut. The digital pop of “Sometimes A Man” channels power disco with finesse, and the gospel treatment of “I’ll Never Be Able To Love” is a classic-sounding ballad à la the Kate Bush tearjerker, “This Woman’s Work.” Sylvester’s affinity for piano loops and lo-fi production qualities gives this EP an authentic feel that’s consistent with nearly every GODMODE release. Those elements, combined with the transparency of Shamir’s gut wrenching vocals, create music that leaves an imprint on the soul. House and disco fans take note—Shamir may be joining your list of favorites for 2014 debuts. –Justin Gallegos