Review: Shannon and the Clams – Gone By The Dawn

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Shannon and the Clams
Gone By The Dawn

Hardly Art
Street: 09.11
Shannon and the Clams = The Shangri-Las + 13th Floor Elevators

Surf-garage rockers Shannon and the Clams have done it again: They’ve delivered yet another infectiously harmonious album that is hot to the touch and eerie to the ears. Gone By The Dawn is brilliantly composed of raw rock n’ roll tunes that are uniquely defined by their soulful and soothing vocals. All these are numbers to fall swooning in love with, so beware: If this album is played at high volumes, the resulting sounds may cause irresistible connections and blind romanticism with crushes in your area. The top numbers for consideration here are the uptempo and lyrically solid “Point Of Being Right,” the grooving “You Let Me Rust” and the longing “It’s Too Late.” So dig this, and fall in love—again. –Nick Kuzmack