Shark?-Becky-Debbie album cover

Review: Shark? – Becky and Debbie EP

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Shark?-Becky-Debbie album coverShark?
Becky and Debbie EP

Old Flame Records
Street: 04.21
Shark? = Bass Drum of Death + FIDLAR

While it may sound dramatic, I can fairly assert that this EP is a little jewel on top of Shark?’s overwhelming stockpile of fine, fine lo-fi. Though their many past works are all quality, I think all that practice has led up to an especially catchy treat. Their sound depends on low and gravelly bass lines that sound like an elderly car engine revving up too fast, and it’s this weird, growly essence that keeps them from sounding too much like other fuzzed-out lineups. This combines with infectiously catchy hooks blown up by deep and crumbly vocals, and we have a really rad piece of grown up pop-punk that feels like it’s “been there, done that” in a tangibly confident way. Long enough to be satisfying, short enough to be an easy pleaser, the EP at least deserves a listen for “Cool Enough,” a killer track that’s made it into my clunky brain-box of favorites. –Erin Moore