Shark Week
Beach Fuzz
Papercup music
Street: 05.19
Shark Week = The Growlers + The New Electric Sound
Beach Fuzz is the perfect name for this album. Combining recognizable West Coast ocean riffs with DC grit and rockabilly, this album gets wild with the surf-rock genre we know well. “Desire” offers some hot, reverb-y guitar lines, while rough-spun vocals wander and shift, evoking Tom Waits in a unique waver that sometimes intrigues, sometimes annoys. “Why Did I Let You Go” slows it down with a psychedelic groove featuring some nice layered and echoing vocals. “Scratching Post” takes the tempo down more with light, shimmering guitar and some cool riff-age, though the vocals end up distracting rather than improving the track. “Weekend” is probably the catchiest number, though it’s just more of the same surf-sound riffing that the rest of the album offers. Ultimately, there’s something here for the beach-bum types, but those not into the seaside vibe would probably be best served elsewhere. –CJ Morgan