Consumer Complaints
Street: 05.26
Shopping = Au Pairs + 
The Slits + Delta 5
Consumer Complaints by UK DIY post-punk three-piece Shopping has been on constant loop. This 13-track LP came out just last year and, no surprise here, had massive success upon its first vinyl printings. It’s definitely got some strong no wave, often surf punk, sometimes lo-fi gloom glam that is carried by wailing siren samples and guitar jabs and voice provided by Rachel Aggs. “Right Now” is the mixtape baby of Gang of Four’s “Damaged Goods,” Theoretical Girls’ “Computer Dating”—excellent, sharp and perfect for passive pogoing at awkward angles. Billy Easter on bass and Andrew Milk on drums provide great support in maintaining a The Head On The Door–B-side style and feel to the baseline. “You are a Sort (Don’t Call Me)” pairs well with Delta 5’s “Mind your Own Business”; “Hard As Nails” with Bauhaus’ “Kick In The Eye”; “Theme” reminds me of a dream collaboration of mine: Crass and Patti Smith. I’ll definitely consider this album to be a modern partner to X-Ray Spex’s Conscious Consumer. –Taylor Hoffman