Sick of Sarah Anthem EP

Review: Sick of Sarah – Anthem EP

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Sick of Sarah Anthem EPSick of Sarah
Anthem EP

Street: 06.30
Sick Of Sarah = Blink 182 + Josie and the Pussycats

Anthem by Minnesota’s Sick of Sarah is easily the most appropriately titled album of the year so far. Every one of their songs has an upbeat tempo with feel-good riffs that would have been HUGE in the late ’90s. Well … this isn’t the ’90s, and to be honest, upbeat is the ONLY emotion you will get on this album. Every track sounds like a derivative of every mediocre band putting out bland, safe rock tunes. The music contains the anthemic choruses that sell and follows such a “paint-by-numbers” formula that if the emotional content of the music were paint, then the completed artwork would be monochromatic. Overall, this is an album that would work wonders for a spoiled teenager who ran out of anti-depressants … or those who are enamored by the generic. –R.G.B. Robb