Mean Love
DFA Records
Street: 09.02
Sinkane = Elder Island + Salt Cathedral + Nick Hakim

It’s difficult for me to think back to the last album that constantly had me dancing. Grooving, sure. But there’s something about the latest Sinkane album that struck a heavy chord in myself to move. Ahmed Gallab did a fantastic job of taking his sound, stripping it down to the bare bones and building it back up into a more precise mixture of pop, jazz and funk. While the song “Yacha” may serve as the primary single, tracks like “New Name” and “Young Trouble” serve as a better representation to the new musical direction he’s taken since Mars was released back in 2012. But then there are true oddities that will get you listening repeatedly, such as “Galley Boys” which incorporates more of a country-twang, or “Moonstuck” that operates more as a last-call song to dance to before you hit the sack. It’s a fine album that shouldn’t be overlooked. –Gavin Sheehan