Sissy Spacek
Lead Their Exit
Dais Records
Street: 09.24
Sissy Spacek = The Locust + Wolf Eyes + Pharmakon

My iPod says this album clocks in at five and a half minutes—for 11 tracks! Avant-garde noise grind is what you get here, as opposed to the straight noise of past releases. Sissy Spacek have had some lineup changes for this release with Sara Taylor of Youth Code taking over vocal duties with a lacerating wail. This aural bombardment is laid over drums and bass to complete this grind/noise beast. The album, albeit briefer than brief, covers more territory than you would expect, with tracks like “Oils Of Your Eyes” playing out in the vein of Pharmakon— an interesting detour from the constant barrage of blast beats that are the trade of the other 10 tracks. You’ll either get this album or you won’t. It’s noisy, difficult and could seem comical if not for its sheer intensity. The only complaint: The drumstick clicks at the beginning of each track are distracting. A pause or some feedback would be a better delineation between songs. –Peter Fryer