Blood Tears
Mono Prism
Street: 09.17
SISU = IO Echo + Blouse
SISU (Finnish for “perseverance”) is the name of this project led by Dum Dum Girls drummer Sandra Vu. From the opening chime of “Counting Stars” to the Gall0p-ing bass lines of “Cut Me Off” and “Electronic,” you know this is different from the jangly indie pop that you might associate with other DDG side projects. Blood Tears is bristling with synths and heavy bass riffs, and in between, Vu’s voice creates melodramatic tension. Most of the tracks recall the current ’80s pop revival, but there’s something refreshing about the sleeker production here, especially on the awesome single “Harpoons.” Try to keep it from sticking, it’s one hell of a catchy tune. –Christian Schultz