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Review: Skinny Puppy – The Greater Wrong Of The Right (Remastered)

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Skinny Puppy

The Greater Wrong Of The Right (Remastered)


Street: 01.28

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The re-release on their only album to make the Billboard 200 is a true definition of the opposite ideas these members have. These dominant industrial figures have always prided themselves on not being “sellouts”—I assure this great achievement was something they thoroughly despised. As with much of their work, the spine is a political point of view, yet there is a profound shift in their creativity and musical expression. It appears to be a compilation of Skinny Puppy’s experiments through the four years prior to its release. “Past Present” has the vocal type that we are used to hearing, but has more of an EBM beat to it. Tracks like “Daddyuwarbash” and “Goneja” show variance in style, and there is rap influence on the track “Pro-test.” This release is different, but it continues to deepen the wounds that are gashed into the loving hearts and minds of the world’s dark underground subculture. (Lo-Fi Café: 02.26) –Mistress Nancy