Sleeping In Gethsemane
When the Landscape is Quiet Again
Street: 04.10
Sleeping In Gethsemane = Pelican + Russian Circles
I don’t like posthumous releases, mostly because they tend to break my heart. Either it’s the last hurrah of a band that I loved and loathed to watch fall apart, or it’s a masterpiece by a band that I never knew and found long after too late. Sleeping In Gethsemane are the latter, and they’re doing a great job of breaking my heart. When the Landscape is Quiet Again is a brilliant instrumental album, from a masterpiece of a band that ended way too soon. Songs like opener “The Brave” are driving and intense, while songs like “The Fall” are therapeutic soundscapes, haunting long after they end. If you’re looking for another instrumental rock band to pick up, seeing as there are never enough, then I suggest grabbing this album. –Matt Brunk