Sleeping With Sirens
Rise Records
Street: 06.04
Sleeping With Sirens = Circa Survive + Secret & Whisper
It’s funny, I never thought about Sleeping With Sirens being an overly poppy band, but after listening to Feel, it’s pretty hard to ignore. I loved their debut album, particularly “If I’m James Dean…” and I liked the second well enough, but it took me a little while to admit to myself that I actually liked Feel. The title track is an overdone independence anthem that still manages to stick in your head, and even the rap-heavy “Alone” sounds great after taking enough time to sink in. I still won’t go listen to MGK on his own, but I can’t deny that it’s a collaboration that ends up working out. “Free Now” is a few steps too pop though, and “Congratulations” is just plain bad, so this hasn’t completely brainwashed me. I still don’t think I’m allowed to listen to music after this but I’m admitting it—I don’t hate this album, and I think fans are going to like it just fine. –Matt Brunk