…and so we destroyed everything
Monotreme Records
Street: 08.21.11
Sleepmakeswaves = Russian Circles + And So I Watch You From Afar + Mono
Sydney Australia’s Sleepmakeswaves have the ability to move from the sublime to sublimely heavy in a half-breath’s time. That split-second rush of air into the lungs is all it takes for sleepmakeswaves to turn a beautiful passage full of twining guitar lines and buzzing synthesizers into a bone-crushingly loud and soaring crescendo that approaches Mono’s epic grandeur and capture the plodding, corporeal heaviness of late-era Isis. Post-rock, as a symptom of something so formulaic, has grown pretty boring lately. Sleepmakeswaves don’t reinvent the wheel here. There are plenty of bands playing songs that sound this crisp and structural. Sleepmakeswaves, however, have the uncanny ability to incorporate, in a jet-engine suck, all the great elements of the genre: the calming, droning ambient passages, hyper-complex dual guitar attacks, dread-filled bridges and of course the crescendo. The sell-all, guts-all-over-the-ground, soul-cleansing crescendo. This is where Sleepmakeswaves nail it. Hard. –Ryan Hall