Swim Tape


Street: 09.25.13

Snacs = Balam Acab + Virgin Sophia + Epstein

Snac’s Swim Tape received heaps of praise in 2013 for sending a chilled-out, sample-based beat pastiche of chillwave-meets-nu soul-meets-droning ragas, deep underwater. Samples from Minnie Ripperton (“Lovin’ You”) and Destiny’s Child (“Bug a Boo”) are pulled deep below the water where the crispest trill of a break sounds blunted and adjacent, beats thud with a halting, sea-sick lurch, vocals are pitch-shifted down to an aquatic gurgle and melodies float through without any central mooring.

Josh Abramovici intends you to listen in one 30-minute sitting, a transporting move through stream-of-conscious beat-making. This is the best way to experience this tape: one continuous dip into the unconscious mind where snippets of pop songs from awkward pre-teen dances mingle with higher-plane rhythmic percussion from ancestors long past. –Ryan Hall