Bella Union
Street: 01.14
Snowbird = Seabear + Daughter
Snowbird is the soft and wintery duo comprised of instrumentalist Simon Raymonde of Cocteau Twins and vocalist Stephanie Dosen, a Chemical Brothers collaborator. Grand piano swirls around gauzy vocals, making you feel as though you are walking through untouched snow. “Porcelain” begins with darker composition that transitions into a gripping soprano melody while “All Wishes Are Ghosts” is more sanguine and fast-paced, and finishes with a beautiful string piece. Parts of moon are reminiscent of Feist’s Let It Die—possibly because Raymonde owns the Bella Union label that is Feist’s home. moon is aptly named, as this album has far-away, dreamy textures and wistful lyrics that speak to you even if you aren’t quite sure what the exact words are. –Kia McGinnis