First Demo 12/29/80
Street: 03.15
S.O.A = Teen Idles + Minor Threat + the Faith
State of Alert (S.O.A.) is one of the unsung heroes of the Washington, D.C. hardcore scene. They were a flash in the pan, existing for less than a year before disbanding in the summer of 1981. Led by a 19-year-old Henry Rollins, they recorded eight songs. Only three of these have ever gotten a formal release. This 7” single remedies that. Present here are the two songs from the legendary Flex Your Head sampler: the original “Disease” and the Paul Revere and the Raiders cover “Stepping Stone Party.” Also included is “Gonna Have to Fight” which was released on the No Policy EP, the second record put out by Dischord. The other five songs are completely new and follow the same quick and aggressive pattern laid out in the widely circulated songs. This is a forceful, quick single that allows the listener to better understand why 1980s D.C. was so important to the development of American Hardcore. –James Bennett