Review: Sonny Knight And The Lakers – Do It Live

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Sonny Knight and the Lakers do it live album cover


Sonny Knight and The Lakers
Do It Live

Secret Stash Records
Street: 06.23
Sonny Knight and The Lakers = Sam Cooke + Barrence Whitfield + St. Paul and Broken Bones

My understanding of the purpose of a live recording is that it captures the unique brilliance of a band and their ability to offer something inspirational through a stellar performance. I’m sure that if I had actually been in attendance during this recorded gig, I would have fallen in love and sung all of the praises for an obviously talented band. However, Do It Live offers little of the excitement that would come from seeing them in person. I will say that it’s a relaxing listen, meant for background music or novelty, but the constant and apparent reminders that this is a live album—due to the cheers of folks enjoying the Sonny Knight and The Lakers performance—disrupt my ability to dig the soul salvation that I don’t doubt this group can offer. That said, go see them live—I guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth and find the experience much more fulfilling. –Nick Kuzmack