Speedy Ortiz 
Foil Deer
Carpark Records
Street: 04.07
Speedy Ortiz = Ex Hex + Krill
Singer-songwriter and guitarist Sadie Dupuis’ lyrics on Foil Deer steer away from past tracks by revealing a refreshed sense of responsibility and freedom from staying in destructive relationships with others and herself. Clever and honest, each track is a new story that revolves around self-deprecation with an unlikely bond between failure and optimism. “The Graduates,” in particular, conveys the weirdness of growing up with more self-motivated confidence despite harsh unrequited feelings, coping with the facts and finding a way to spin “I used to be the best at second place / but now I’m just the runner up” positively. The shivery, sing-along swing of her voice with the rest of the band’s immense backup talent sends chills waking my own self-doubt. It’s a continual build of emotion that refuses to be contained any longer, which makes this album especially cathartic. “Wasted / Wasted / like you” from the track “Ginger” pairs perfectly with Slutever’s “I Miss America.” Most of all, Speedy Ortiz mix the melodic and heavy in a “grunge/indie” style. Whether you’re getting over or are “Mister Difficult,” this album will get stuck in your head for weeks. (Kilby: 05.29) –Taylor Hoffman  
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