Review: SPORTS – All of Something

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All of Something

Father/Daughter Records
Street: 10.30
SPORTS = Diet Cig + Alvvays

Reading more about SPORTS as I listened to this album, I was made aware that this second release of theirs is also likely their last—they’re parting ways now that they’re done with school. That reality makes this more than an insanely catchy and sweet collection of songs. Their jangly, sugary tunes give the sense of a fading summer—that stress of sensing autumn at sunset. Even with this, it’s a solid pack of bright pop that feels 100-percent done, and it is difficult to get tired of. Lead vocalist Carmen Perry’s voice is akin to a mellowed-out Dolores O’Riordan. On my favorite track, “Harder,” she flirts with a twang of sorts, which only make her cries of “You’re making this harder, this harder on me” even more heart-rending, somehow. Though that one sounds the saddest, underneath the modest glitz, all the songs express that 20-something discomfort everyone gets sometimes. –Erin Moore