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Review: St. Vincent – Self-Titled

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St. Vincent


Loma Vista

Street: 02.25

St. Vincent = Dirty Projectors + Darwin Deez

Annie Clark sure knows how to make a statement. In releasing “Digital Witness” as a response to a world that is growing obsessively consumed by technology, Clark simultaneously addresses her own technological dependence in the form of electronica mixed under a funky horn section. “I Prefer Your Love” slows down the album’s previously frantic pace with a slow, soulful declaration, supposedly to her mother, who was ill. Everything picks back up soon after with oddball electronic bounciness and quirky lyrics in “Bring Me Your Loves.” Conclusively, this album manages to be Clark’s most accessible album, while also being the most experimental, and it is clear that Clark is confident in taking this new step. I’m fully expecting St. Vincent to reach superstardom with this album. –Allison Shephard