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Review: Starkill – Fires of Life

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Fires of Life

Century Media

Street: 04.30

Starkill = Stormlord + Dissection + vintage Children of Bodom

The debut album promises a big and bright future for this Chicago-based band. Blending elements from several different subgenres, including power and melodic death metal, this is an album full of blood and fire and battle (which I now dub “warrior metal”), free of clean singing, arranged with occasional symphonic and piano elements that really bring out cinematic properties in the sound. Galloping drums and screeching solos blend effortlessly with their strong melodies. Lyrics are brutal and merciless, as well as understandable through vocalist Parker Jameson’s dark, thick rumblings and sporadic high screams. There is a familiarity in their sound, sure, but I would argue that these dudes are somehow elevating all these elements and delivering something that is both comfortable and fresh, and impressively free of repetition—every song has its own bloody fingerprint. Fires of Life is a surprisingly satisfying ride into the storm. –Megan Kennedy