Sterile Jets

Liquor Store


Street: 10.24

Sterile Jets =
Future of the Left + Mclusky + Sonic Youth

On Liquor Store, the second record from Long Beach–based trio Sterile Jets, a serious attempt is made to reduce post-rock music to an asymmetric, thunderous howl. The band does a fairly good job toeing the line of heavily distorted, no-frills rock music while staying true to the drudgery of their artistic vision. The strangely melodic distortion, paired with cynical lyrics can wear a bit thin at times. The listener clearly gets the message that the band couldn’t care less if you listened to them. This mostly works to their advantage. Songs like “Olly Olly Oxen Free” and “I’m Glad You’re Crying, Cowboy” balance between harmony and feedback in a way that’s both refreshing and kind of annoying. In all, if you’re into bands that sound a little like Shellac, you should give this one a listen. –James Bennett