Streetlight Manifesto

The Hands That Thieve

Victory Records

Street: 04.30

Streetlight Manifesto = Less Than Jake + Catch 22

Their fifth album in the last ten years, The Hands That Thieve is a catchy and encouraging sign that ska has gas left in the tank. Like with all ska reviews, if you’re not a fan, just quit reading right now and kindly fuck off, we don’t care. Like all of Streetlight’s/Thomas Kalnoky’s work, there is a political tone to the music. Issues like social equality and social justice are addressed without packaging and I fucking love it. The horns are huge, filling every second with big brass and hair raising chords. You can’t skank to the album and I’m fine with that, The Hands That Thieve is closer to a symphonic arrangement than their previous work. Songs like “Oh Me, Oh My” and “Your Day Will Come” put a new face to an old friend while keeping true to their ska roots. Pick this up please, fall in love again with Streetlight, I promise this album will outlast your summer ska phase. 

Alex Cragun