Incorporate the Excess
Solar Flare 
Street: 01.18
Stuntman = Botch + Magrudergrind + Wormrot 
Chaotic and frenzied, France’s Stuntman packs an impressive amount into Incorporate the Excess. On its surface, this grind-influenced album would appear to be predominantly grind based, but with so many odd time signatures and syncopation, their assault is more calculated. Mathy grooves easily cohabitate with blast beats and crank into the red vocals. The album occasionally suffers from too many ideas being crammed into one song, but with its brief running time, this stops just short of being fatiguing. The final track is ostensibly one riff repeated for eight minutes, providing an interesting stoner-infused counterpoint to the raucous 16 minutes preceding it. The album would benefit from a few more cases of slower riffs distributed throughout instead of being lumped at the end, but if you’re into fast, grindy hardcore, this will fit the bill. Also, a bonus: A sample from Ghostbusters in the intro track. –Peter Fryer