Suffering in Solitude
A Place Apart
Domestic Genocide Records
Street: 12.31.13
Suffering in Solitude = Altar of Plagues + LowCityRain + Deafheaven
Starting out with something of a long, dramatic sigh, Suffering in Solitude follows their post-metal roots a little too closely with their debut album. A Place Apart sounds like a low fidelity Deafheaven demo, complete with shoegaze worship and wall-of-sound distortion. A hint of black metal squeezes its way out of the featureless morass that characterizes most songs on this relatively short demo. Too much time is spent plucking out guitar overtones and delay-heavy arpeggios. These guys have a lot of room to grow, but if you like your metal tinged with shoegaze, you’ll probably enjoy A Place Apart nonetheless. –Henry Glasheen