Swagatha Christie 
The Creep Van Tour 2012 
Low Card Records
Street: 08.12.12
Swagatha Christie = Ke$ha + Kelis
Swagatha is a 20-something blonde who has “swag” tattooed on her knuckles and writes about her white-girl antics. Miss Christie set out on her The Creep Van Tour 2012 last summer, with a stoner/skateboard crew who handed out “Free Sex” stickers at shows. Her tracks have simple, dirty beats with synth vocals and repetitive lyrics. The flow that she puts down has a freestyle feel, with the word “bitch” being her crutch.  Christie calls herself  “Ellemcee” and grew up traveling with her hippie parents, never receiving any formal education. “Pickin’ Up Stixx” was the first track she ever wrote, and is my favorite of the album, along with “White Girl Wasted.” I’m not sure if I can justify calling Swagatha a legitimate rapper, but her music is entertaining and super likeable. –Kia McGinnis