Queen of the Invisible
Edible Onion

Street: 10.01
Tadzio = (Laurel Halo – the computer) + A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Want to go to a Renaissance fest, but there’s not one happening in your town, or it just isn’t happening soon enough? Here’s a solution: play this album, dress up in your royal gear, and stuff turkey legs down your throat like a knight. Woodwind instrumentation on the album is paired with a clarinet and harmonium, and the compositions, while unique in structure, come across like a religious medieval score, and it’s rather dull. The record itself is a beautiful work of art: with an etching of a forest scene with white ink on a beige background, the sleeve insert includes a hand-cut copper leaf moon with the lyrical insert. Actually, it was really only the visuals that grabbed me. The rest of the record came across as a hard-to-watch middle school drama rendition of some Shakespeare play, with awkward singing of the story. The narrative lyrics of “Small Deaths” even appear to pay homage to Ophelia’s suicide in Hamlet. –Brinley Froelich