Take Berlin
Lionize EP
Street = 12.03.13
Take Berlin = Dom La Nena + Sophie Zelmani
Nothing induces a hypnotic state of relaxation like pulses of the gentle, vibrato Wurlitzer notes that fill Lionize. In fact, the dreamlike Wurlitzer, along with a clean acoustic guitar, make up the majority of the album’s instrumentation. In the title track, “Lionize,” lead vocalist Yvonne Ambree sings, “play on destruction,” in a way similar to Adele in the chorus of “Skyfall” (although I prefer “Lionize”). Take Berlin’s other half, Jesse Barnes, appears vocally in the title track with short responses during Ambree’s brief vocal pauses—a common theme for the remainder of the album. Another high point of the album comes with the more traditional folk sounding, “Kentucky,” but any of these tracks could put me to sleep in the best of ways. –Steve Richardson