Take Offense
United States of Mind
Street: 09.17
Take Offense = Subzero + How Will I Laugh-era Suicidal Tendencies + Leeway
When Take Offense first started making waves beyond their native Chula Vista, the predominant buzz surrounding the band was a seamless integration of heavy metallic hardcore with a funky Venice thrash kick. On their second full-length, they continue in the same vein with some more of the metallic embellishments that have kept them a head above many of their contemporaries. Production assistance from Terror’s Nick Jett and mastering by Matt Hyde certainly lend the album a slick crunch, where the double-axe wizardry of “I’ll Smoke You (One Step Ahead)” and “Place Your Bet” indicate a distinct Bay Area thrash influence as well. Some coremen may be put off by some of the melodic detouring in the vocals (see “Plain Talks”), but it’s tasteful when executed and borrows from a grand tradition (and we all secretly like Mike Muir’s voice). It’s not groundbreaking, but solid through and through, and it’s worth it for the guitar work alone. For the headbangers as well as the moshers, nary a riff is wasted. –Dylan Chadwick