Tall Tall Trees
The Seasonal EP
Good Neighbor
Street: 12.02.14
Tall Tall Trees = (GIVERS + Kishi Bashi + Animal Collective) x banjos
If you’ve never heard of Tall Tall Trees, allow this EP to be a tiny sampler compared to its creator Mike Savino’s jaw-dropping live performance style (all songs available in live format with a quick YouTube search). Using only his trusty Banjotron and a series of loop pedals, Tall Tall Trees stretches the classic sound of a folk and country instrument toward a psychedelic and al-most classical place. This high-reaching four-track EP opens with the forest-running riff of “How Did It Get Dark So Fast,” turns the corner into a faux-pop, commentary song “Picture Picture,” veers into the Caribbean-esque jam of “Say Something Real” and finishes firmly with a woodland cover of Animal Collective’s “My Girls.” As recorded, the tracks don’t quite convey the important knowledge that Savino can play his entire album on just one instrument (percussion included), but it still stands on its own. Savino shreds—and if you’re looking for a true new genre bender, give this a listen. –Nic Smith