Eaten Alive
Denovali Records
Street: 01.31
Talvihorros = Greg Haines + Nobuto Suda
This album is full of pretty and cute melodies made weird by distortions and reverbs. Almost every single track consisted of me saying, “Oh, hey this is nice” to “Oh wait, weird as fuck” within a five-second time frame. It’s especially prominent in the track “Four Walls,” with consistent clockwork ticking in the background with threatening melodies slowly fading in. It’s quite anxiety-inducing, really. However, the emotions that I feel while listening to this song are what I imagine the artist wants the listener to feel. The mastermind behind this, Ben Chatwin, based this album off the time he visited East London, where he battled many drug addictions. The fact that he was able to convey the feelings and emotions he had into these songs is a plus in my book—even if it makes me feel creeped out. –Arnold Hsu