Morr Music

Street: 04.05

Telekenisis = Ra Ra Riot x Wolf Parade

Michael Lerner has harnessed the ability to merge synths and guitar fuzz to create an effective blend of indie psych-garage. He’s a jack-of-all-trades with everything from an acoustic ballad to new wave on “Ever True,” which sounds like a new-generation Yaz song. The warbled record scratches in the background tell me just how detailed Lerner’s production is on this album. If Lerner wanted to be a pure rocker, he has the drums and distorted guitar to do it, but his musical pallet is too broad to stay in one field of sound. He wisely combines those drums and guitar with enough reverb to tune my ears in to the amazing melodies behind the noise. This album bridges the gap between pop and rock with what Lerner refers to as “power lines” in the opening track, and does so flawlessly.– Justin Gallegos