Sun Structures
Fat Possum Records
Street: 02.11
Temples = The Beatles + Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Temples falls into a very long line of bands who have traveled down the psych-pop-rock path in an attempt to capture groovy, spaced-out hearts full of love. With a refreshing sound that’s a bit more crisp, they just might be able to do it. When I first heard “Mesmerise,” one of the pre-released singles off the album, I was hooked. The album is a head-bobbing mix of simple, psychedelic melodies paired with Beatle-esque vocals. Although their sound is very similar to Tame Impala, it’s not as mushy, making it easier to connect with each track. With a clear sound, Sun Structures separates Temples from the rest of the blurry, psych-rock bands that have been around lately. With upbeat tracks like “The Golden Throne” and “Test of Time,” it’s hard to not tap your foot to the beat. But don’t let that turn you away—the more mellow tracks like “Move With The Season” and “Sand Dance” are still very mushroom-trip worthy. Sun Structures will quickly capture the attention of those waiting to add a little diversity to their very full high-on-life playlist. If I hadn’t known that this was Temples’ debut album, I could’ve been convinced that this was originally released back in 1967. –Karamea Puriri