Ten Kens


Fat Cat Records

Street: 05.21

Ten Kens = Pink Floyd + Radiohead + Mogwai 

The album begins with a “Death In The Family,” and the moody seven-plus minute song certainly sets the tone for this concept album. It’s a journey through experiences and emotions, and just like life, the sound goes up and comes down, dragging your psyche along for the ride. The material reminds me of Floyd’s “The Wall,” and being that Pink Floyd is my all-time favorite, it’s meant as a huge compliment. There are plenty of other more modern influences apparent, including Thom Yorke and Peter Murphy, and the album is in no way dated. It is a unique and very original interpretation of what was and what is now, and Ten Kens have done a wonderful job of blending it all into a new voice from their perspective. I say it’s a must-listen. –Ischa B.