X’ed Out

Sargent House

Street: 04.16

Tera Melos = Foals + Hella

Tera Melos range from bass lines and doom riffs on “Slimed” to glorious angular riff-spun melodies everywhere else on the album. “Slimed” is a methodical head-banger that’s not psychedelic enough to be stoner rock, but is heavy enough to unleash the beast inside me, if only just for fun. Its chorus repeats, “You can be my wave.”

It’s a sweet ride with more angular riffs backing the steady, heavy ones. Tera Melos has traded in an abundance of math rock freak-outs for a louder sound with pure explosive rock, making for a more accessible sound with polished melodies. Then again, “Surf Nazis” combines the two methods perfectly, and their lighter moments, such as “Snake Lake,” blow me away. I’m a newcomer to their music, but this album has made me a fan.