Live by the Code
Victory Records
Street: 04.02
Terror = Buried Alive + Merauder + Madball
Besides the unfortunate misstep of “You’re Caught” (ugh) Terror’s flown the flag of dependability in hardcore’s ho-hum parade (cynics may call it “predicatable”), and though the band has endured lineup and style changes a-plenty in this new Keepers of the Faith era, the band continues to keep it fresh, exciting and, to many, life-affirming. A jump to Victory should surprise no one, given Scott Vogel’s pedigree, and though they now share a label with host upon host of turd-eating fashionista crab-core goons, “Hard Lessons,” “Nothing in your Head” and “One Blood” seethe and spit ‘classic Terror’ with the best of ‘em. It’s certainly no Lowest of the Low, but you can’t keep that lightning in any bottle. Terror are the closest thing hardcore has to an ‘institution’ at this point and Live by the Code is a fine addition to the canon. –Dylan Chadwick