Terry Malts
Insides EP
Slumberland Records
Street: 09.23
Terry Malts = Jawwzz!! + Descendents + The Chills
Upon finding the play button for this quick listen, I am immediately doused in Insides’ high energy, rhythm pounding punky salvo. Though certainly poppy, Insides has an actual edge to it and foregoes the bland taste of pop punk. Insides’ flavor arises via the dark and fuzz-filled melodic sound that backs lyrically catchy numbers like “Grumpiest Old Men” and the power pop tune “Let You in.” If that’s not enough for you, this fun, little ditty includes a sweet cover of The Chills’ “Hidden Bay” as the final track. Simply put, this is fun, fast and needs to be played loud. Check it out! –Nick Kuzmack