Altered State
Century Media
Street: 05.28
TesseracT = Ever Forthright + Textures 
After going through the heinous task of finding a new lead singer, the djent-prog outfit have returned with a massively infectious new record that is a definite achievement. New vocalist Ashe O’Hara has a clear style that soars through the music with a tone that is rarely heard in clean metal vocals, forgoing all harsh screams of past albums. They have very much improved on their transitions between complex atmosphere and driving heaviness, creating a cohesion that lets the listener get lost in a glorious forest of sound. As with past works, this band’s emphasis on the bass and drums in the mix is a thing of unique beauty, letting the guitars fill out the atmospheric background and complement O’Hara’s harmonies in ways that will give you chills. Everything about this album is strong, balanced and electric. Absolutely an early contender for album of the year, Altered State is not to be missed. –Megan Kennedy