The Aislers Set
How I Learned to Write Backwards (Reissue)
Suicide Squeeze
Street: 10.14
The Aislers Set = Belle & Sebastian + Black Tambourine

In 2003, after two albums of genius pop smarts, tour spots supporting bands like Belle & Sebastian and coveted John Peel recording sessions, Amy Linton and the Aislers released their third and last full-length, How I Learned To Write Backwards. As with previous Aislers Set records, Backwards is a happy balance of vintage psychedelia and indie pop orchestration, with energetic tunes perfected by Linton’s surefooted songwriting. The album starts strong with “Catherine Says,” a xylophone-punctuated tune that slowly builds around a train-track rhythm, and “Languor in the Balcony,” another rocket-paced jangle tune hooked around Linton’s honey-laced voice. The album bristles with everything Linton and the crew do perfectly—it’s a giddy and sweet swansong from one of indie pop’s finest. –Christian Schultz